AI thinks I’m serious, apparently.

Hi 👋🏻. I'm Mehran, a political consultant based in Greece.

And I’m interested in questions like:

  • What tactics work best to confront power, and why?

  • How can we better equip ourselves in the jungle of modern-day discourse?

  • To what extent can other, unrelated skill-sets help us to make change happen?

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The archive

There are 80+ posts in the archive. Here are some of most popular ones:

A bit about me

For more than a decade I’ve been advising causes on how to increase their impact. From established organisations like WWF and the UNDP, to citizen media startups and local grassroots projects.

I’m British-Iranian, grew up in Luxembourg and currently based in Chania, Greece, working remote-first.

I co-founded the political consultancy Clearcase, work with the Democracy In Europe Movement (DiEM25), and host their fortnightly live debates on YouTube. I also run community projects and do black-and-white photography.

Previously I worked for the private sector, as a management consultant with Andersen, and a communications adviser to global tech companies, based in London.

Reach me by email. I'm also on Twitter (@mkhalili), although not that much.

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Mehran Khalili

Political consultant, grassroots activist and photo-taker, based in Greece