Why digital reading can’t match the real thing.
Explaining the switch.
A post-mortem on a mass-pain event.

February 2023

A kinda-sorta review of Readwise Reader.
Stop panicking and look closer.
Tech innovation has a hidden, human cost. You don’t have to pay it.

January 2023

Could cultural knowledge transfer be the antidote to discrimination?
Abbie Hoffman, activist religiosity and lightness as a political weapon.
How to get your audiences to consume your campaign material with curiosity and openness.

December 2022

News and tidbits as we head into a new year of making change happen.
e07: Hope in the darkListen now (34 min) | An interview with Miguel Duarte Hope in the dark, with Miguel Duarte (Episode 7) 0:00 /34:01 1× About this episode Miguel Duarte…
When the truth is there for all to see, why do things stay the same?