Mar 1, 2020 • 36M

e01: The state of digital activism

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A podcast for activist citizens, hosted by campaigner and political consultant Mehran Khalili. Tips, tactics and debate with people who confront power and make change happen. There’s a weekly newsletter too – sign up at so you don’t miss a thing.

An interview with Asteris Masouras


The state of digital activism, with Asteris Masouras (Episode 1)



With global news curator Asteris Masouras, I debate what online activism is getting right and how it could improve. Among other topics, we discuss: Twitter’s value as a platform for activism, when to call a fascist a fascist, and deplatforming and censorship as political weapons.

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Subvrt is a podcast for activist citizens, hosted by Mehran Khalili. It features interviews with people who confront power, and tips and tactics on how to make change happen. Subscribe on iTunes, Google, Spotify or RSS.

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